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Let us help you import products from Taiwan. We have been trading in Asia and have many established contacts for over 20 years.  While we have experience Importing from China, Japan, Malaysia, our specialty is Taiwan.  We can save you time and money. Importing can be a very involved process. It is time consuming and if you do not know all the “tricks of the trade”, it can cost more than it should. Our services are designed to help you save time and money. We are not the importers competitor, as we do not sell products imported for our customers, but offer our services to help our customers sell their products.  Click here for samples of some of the items we have Imported for our customers.

More about Taiwan

We like to say that we specialize in trading with Taiwan as that is where we have had the most success.  We have been traveling to and from Taiwan since 1986 and have learned much about trading there.  We have developed long term relationships, with knowledgeable  companies and have people that we know and depend on, to get us what we need.  We have also came to the conclusion that Taiwan has a great record for quality products at fair and reasonable prices.  It may be true that things are cheaper in China, but not even that will make up for unacceptable  quality.  We are not knocking China, but Taiwan has been working to please customers in the USA and Europe for over 50 years.  China is just coming  of age in exporting products.  If you want to trade in China, you almost need to have someone there full time, managing and checking on your products.  China is more suited for large corporations like Wal Mart.

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